The Omega Juicer 9000 Perfect for Small Kitchens

A centrifugal extractor, The Omega Juicer 9000 is easy to clean and great for juicing hard veggies and fruits. Perfect for apartment living and small kitchens, this sturdy appliance is effective in producing large amounts of high quality juice.


Omega Juicer 9000

Heavily constructed with durable stainless steel parts, Omega is so confident with the performance of this machine that they offer a 15-year warranty. If noise is a problem for you, then you can’t go past Omega juicers. The 3600 rpm and 250 watt induction motor is the quietest motor in the centrifugal class. It has an overload protection for safety and durability. Reviews rate reliability and value for money 4 stars with appearance an all time high at 5 stars.


Reduce prep time with the wider feed chute that allows for larger pieces of fruits and vegetables. There is no vibration from the stainless steel basket, which is open and easy to clean. The cantilever style latch arms make for easy assembly and disassembly. A dozen rubber feet on the base of your unit won’t mark your counter top but will stop the juicer from moving.

Fruit and Veg

Priced at $225 this Omega model can juice all types of fruits and vegetables but is not recommended for leafy greens such as spinach and lettuce. An additional bonus is the optional citrus attachment, which can effectively squeeze fruits such as oranges and limes. Reviews rate juice quality 4 out of 5 stars.


The features of this extractor enable the maximum extraction from a wide variety of fruits and vegetable such as carrots, beets and apples. The durable stainless steel blade efficiently tears apart the flesh from produce to provide the best quality juice. If you enjoy it pulp free you can use the optional non-bleached cellulose fiber filters. The advantage of these filters is that they also reduce cleaning time. Reviews for juice yield received 4 stars.


With polished surgical stainless steel parts, this centrifugal juice extractor has been designed to make cleaning easier for the home juicer. Stainless steel components are also dishwasher safe for hassle free cleaning. Reviews rate ease of use and cleanup 3 stars.


Some reviewers have stated that “softer fruits and vegetables can cause vibrations” and may result in non-continuous juicing. As with all centrifugal extractors, the best method is to alternate between hard and softer produce. If you only use softer fruits and vegetables you will not only have an inefficient machine but will also cause damage to your juicer.

The Omega Juicer 9000 is a stylish, reliable and durable product. As a leading brand, Omega has a loyal following with very few defective motors being returned. With a solid rating of 4 stars for all round performance, this centrifugal extractor is tough to beat.

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