Juicer Reviews|What To Look For in the Best Juicers

If you’re living in an apartment or if the noise level is crucial, look at the rpm’s on the unit. Generally, the faster the machine operates, the louder it’s going to be. Compare the rpm’s on each product if noise is an issue. The quietest juicers will be the single auger and twin gear machines at 1000 rpm, followed by the Champion model at 2700 rpm. The Jack Lalanne unit is also considered whisper quiet with a 3600-rpm motor.

If you want your appliance to provide you with the healthiest juices, the hydraulic press and twin gear machines are the most efficient extractors. This includes the Norwalk Juicers and the Green Star model. When juicing, oxidation is minimized as they operate at the lowest rpm. This means the nutritional value of the yield is increased. These machines are ideal for vegetables and wheatgrass.

Best Juicers

If you’re looking for an orange squeezer, you can choose between an automatic reamer and a manual press such as the Breville Die Cast Citrus Press. Centrifugal units such as the Omega 9000 are the best machines if you intend juicing a variety of produce. These yield the best quality from both hard and soft fruits and vegetables. For more versatility, masticating machines, such as the Omega 8005 not only also come with attachments for other functions. These include mincing, chopping and whipping.

Price is a natural determining factor for most consumers. For a variety of produce, the Centrifugal Ejection models such as The Juiceman are the cheapest at around $70-90. When shopping for price, consider the following tips: motor power, warranty, and machine quality. Low cost appliances tend to have low powered motors, 90-day warranties (which just isn’t enough), and are made of plastic. Make sure to research before purchasing. Extractors with a high-powered motor 1 year or more warranty and made of solid steel offer better value for money.

There are several factors to consider when researching and comparing juicers. By identifying what and how often you intend to juice, you can quickly rule out some products. Knowing what to look for and having the information in front of you will save you both time and money.

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