5 Features That Green Star Juicers Offer

New technology is creating juice extractors with more versatile components than ever before. Juicing fresh fruits and vegetables is a great alternative if you’re trying to improve your health. With so many options available, how do you choose the right one? Green Star Juicers offer 5 of the best features, which remain above any juicer on the market.

Green Star Juicers

1. Cutting Points – Stops Clogging

The powerful twin-gear mechanism has the capacity to pulverize a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. This is due to the cutting points on each of the cogs or gears. These cogs ensure you that your machine will not become clogged, or tangled while juicing. The cutting process enables larger produce to break down more rapidly. The result is a larger and quicker amount of quality juice.

2. Pocket Recesses – Long Life Motor

The Green Star is much more than a blender or food processor. The dual cogs were made with specially designed pocket recesses to help process harder produce like carrots or apples. The extra sharp edges that effect the initial grinding phase cause less pressure on the motor. This feature increases the life of the motor and at the same time provides enough power to masticate food.

3. Easy Pressure Change – Non-Stop

When juicing, you need to be able to change the pressure quickly and easily. Each product requires a certain amount of pressure depending on the size and density. Wheat grass, for example needs less pressure than beetroot. This unit has a convenient mechanism to allow you to change the pressure without having to stop the process. It will also help to eliminate any type of jamming while allowing you to get the most juice possible.

4. Safety First

The makers of this appliance saw the dangers in the twin-gears as they rotate extremely close to each other. They designed a unique safety system to eliminate the possibility of stainless steel shavings falling into the juice. A nylon safety buffer was manufactured to prevent the cogs from coming in contact with each other. The nylon buffer also eliminates extra pressure that is exerted on the motor allowing the system to last for several years.

5. Magnetic Technology – Optimum Health

Green Star is the first juicer system with magnetic and bio-ceramic technology. The magnets help create a force field that rearranges water to help latch on to more vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. This allows the machine to extract juice with higher nutritional content to provide the healthiest drink possible.

There are many juicers on the market that attempt to imitate the Green Star. This system stands out from the rest because of its advanced technology. From ensuring your safety to providing you with extra nutrients, this product continues to provide customers with exceptional features well above their competitors.

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